Management of Environmental Education/Information

  • Management of Environmental Education/Information

    Posted by Miriam Davidovic on September 21, 2021 at 12:23 pm

    – We have formally defined the outcomes sought by our product or service and have developed a theory of change for them

    – We have based our impactful product or service business model on established secondary research that demonstrates potential impact

    – We have directly and formally engaged stakeholders in understanding their desires and needs when developing, refining, and or delivering our products or services

    – We are verified to meet third-party standards for impact (e.g. we have impact-related product certifications)

    – We measure near-term outcomes of the product or service to determine whether it is meeting the needs and expectations of our beneficiaries

    – We measure long-term outcomes in order to assess whether the results of our product produce lasting positive impacts for our beneficiaries

    – We have identified and measure and manage the unintentional or potential negative impacts of the product or service in addition to intentional positive effects

    – We have identified and managed potential causes that could lead to a failure to deliver the positive outcome, to do so less efficiently than possible, or to produce other negative effects

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